Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sunday is study:(

proud of meself!
joined Al's running group this morn at 7am. Started at Merewether beach, ran up hills into Glenrock bush area, then back along merewether beach. Such splendid scenery.....running along the water.....thanking God for putting me in Newcastle:)

so it was 1hr 50min at slow pace but still omg. longest run in a long time:)
thanks to Margo, Victoria, Darren, Nick, Al, Bryan for a great morning run. couldnt have done it on my own!

learnt that Margo is 50 years and she seriously looks like 30+yrs!!!!!

in 1 week's time....exam is over and will go for surfing lesson number 2. instructor is my church minister! woooohooooo~

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