Wednesday, October 14, 2009


1. waited for the Star newspaper all day. and when i finally flipped through it at the kebab shop, my interview wasnt inside:((((

2. I just finished a workout with coach Paulie. Swore that I would eat a healthy dinner afterwards....ended up at the shops buying a kebab

3. Workout was torturous. Mainly cos havent been running since my race ended. Not only that. Been seriously pigging out every single day....running feels shit

4. so been buying lots of expensive food from hosp.....and arrived at hosp this morn at 8.30am, eager to go for the Intensive Care Tutorial session for junior doctors, only to find its been cancelled due to low numbers(only 1 jnr dr present). Plus my fav Doctor was giving the talk:(:(:(

5. wanted to do some form of exercise this morn, maybe the 7am swim squad. but realised the above tute was gave that a miss.

6. wanted to wake up early to study. ended up waking up at 7.30am, and not studying.

Such a lousy day..................

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