Friday, October 16, 2009

true story

doing emergency term. but the intensive care doctor pulled me over to that end the other day. got to meet Mr M

Mr M, about 80 yrs, up to 3 weeks ago was playing golf. He came into hosp 2 weeks ago cause of falls at home, dizziness. doctors did a full work up on him for the common causes of that. nothing. he even cont to fall in hosp many times. then on the morn i met Mr M, he suddenly developed very severe tremors in both arms and wierd eye movements. lowered level of consciousness. needing oxygen and eventually needed to be intubated.transfered to Intensive care unit(ICU).

there, doctors tried to figure out what was going on. and soon diagnosed a rare type of cancer.

I was fortunate enough to meet Mr M, then sit in the family meeting where the drs broke the news to the family. Poor Prognosis. Just keeping him comfortable now with morphine and midazolam. at the bedside, the daughter was crying while telling her dad what the dr was going to do. He seemed to be able to understand some of it, yet was unable to communicate

then that triggered my crying. standing at the foot of the bed, watching how the daughter love her dad so much and was now watching him die, and how treatment for Mr M was now non-active....his oxygen was taken away. No CPR.....

then the daughter sat on her mum's lap and cont crying......her mum hugged her and both cried tog. All this while, i had a feeling Mr M could sense some of that, and he shifted his body towards the side of his family.

Mr M passed away a few hours later.

I walked through the ICU doors the next day. Bed 1- empty.

Have you wondered how you will go and who will be with you when you do?

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