Sunday, October 04, 2009

Gold Coast pics

5km and 10km winner- Jessica. she ran the 10km in 35:34!!!! and she is a physio student at Uni of South Aust
got 3rd in the 10k race. super happy with my time tooo!!!
5km results
went to wildlife park, and saw this at the bus stop on my way home.

my fav part of the park- feeding wold rainbow lorikeets!!! even bought a full size poster of this bird
friday- post race day 1. took a 1hr 30min surfing lesson. and only entered the water in the last 30min!!

this steak was my pre-race meal at a greek restuarant near Australia Fair. under $20!!!

view from my balcony
spectacular apartment

at the track

roomed with cool people- bowlers and a swimmer. the guys were always drinking and playing pranks. here is Joe putting bread in Mark's pillow case. the also put rice bubbles under his blanket(cant be seen). so they breaded his pillow!!!

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