Saturday, October 03, 2009

Last night at the goldcoast

its 1.30am. thanks to my new friend, adam, i have internet access on his mac! yays. itsbeen good talking to him tonite...though he says he is chatty only cos he is drunk. the boys been drinking heaps tonite. i helped cleaned uptheirroom this arvo when they went out. but wasnt appreciated that much. they didnt even notice!!!

anyway, it great. their room has a wide screen flat tv, big leather couch and now the balcony door is open, so i can hear the roaring waves......

oooh. just heard a bird. dont know which bird would be up this time. hmmmmm......been a great trip. didnt study as much as iwanted to. but made new friends.....5 bowlers and 1 swimmer. the bowling team got the gold medal!!!! lucky guys. i just found out that until recently, in competition, one could bowl and drink (alcohol) at the same time!!! thats not fair......(not that i want to drink)

and adam is a twin. his brother grant doesnt even look like him! i didnt even think they were brothers when i first met them........

anyway, been lucky to be rooming with this bunch of guys (and 2 girls) really nice.....last nite. i sort of flooded the bathroom and living room cos of the washing machine. (thanks to my washing) well, basically they all helped me to mop it up with their bath towels!!! so nice!!!!

pics soon:)

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