Monday, November 16, 2009

Wallsend athletic club comp

attended/competed in my first club comp the events of javelin and pole vault! came intending just to learn the javelin, but soon thought might as well try something i will never try again. but first....this is the club. lots of kids....its on every monday night for the whole of summer on this grass oval. above pic i thought was so cute...the tiny tots programme....they just throw hoops into cones. co cute! i also want to do that event!!! everyone else was doing a regular track/field event.
hurdles on a grass trackso met up with the pole vault coach, asked him to teach me. first, get used to lift off from the pole
next: do it on the mat. OMG. i could not for like 1 hr....kept trying but the hole the pole goes into made it more scary. this other guy jumping 4m+ told me he is scared all the time. BUT when u get onto that runway, abt to start the runup, all fears must go otherwise u will screw it up. yesyes. i did it! put the pole in the hole and jumped onto the mat. though the jump didnt cross the horizontal line......

my friend's Kelpy. only just a puppy
tried javelin. 3 throws. best one was 14.34m. friend's coach saw me and said i have potential...good fast twitch fibers in the arms. Going back again for another training session with the Javelin coach. its fun!

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