Sunday, January 24, 2010

such a wonderful run

so I pulled myself out of bed today. Drove to Charlestown swimming pool to meet the coach Paulie for his usual Sunday group. BUT, i didnt see anyone! so was psyching myself up for a lonely long run on my own. Then, from the corner of my eye, I spotted another runner. We waited for a while, and when no one else came, we headed to Glenrock bushes/ beach for the run. Really really fortunate to meet this sensational triathlete. Nathan Stewart. Heard of his name in the local tri scene, a true novocatrian. What more- his best buddy since childhood is Macca. you know, Chris Mccormack. World famous Ironman Champ. Yarh....He said he was just with Macca last week training tog. And sometimes when Macca goes for comp, he is the guy asking Macca's fans to step back! hahaa.

Had a hard run(to me) with him for the next hour and found out he has met Lloyd before(tri coach from Singapore). He says Aust Tria Assn and Aust gov dont give them much to support the pro triathletes. It boils down to you working hard on your own, making it to the top then getting your own sponsors. But even after that, he said Australia just doesnt have too many OD tris, so most go to Europe to race where there is big money. Strange huh? since aust produces world champs in tri.

yeah, nathan says in newcastle, he mainly does training on his own. 600km of bike ride if training for ironman! OMG. well, I was humbled to be running with Macca's mate. :):)

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