Sunday, March 14, 2010

birthday weekend

Had a great weekend:) extended birthday celebrations, just the way I like it:) been blessed with awesome friends here.
below: on fri, got off early from hosp. My Reg bought me lunch at hosp, but after he made me unhappy and I told him I wanted to strangle him for what he did.
Then met up with Anna to go to the Bogey hole for a swim. But weather was not good. So we didnt go in:(
Fri night: Women in the word event at Compassion at Warabrook organised by my church. This is Gabby with her 13 day old girl:)
Sat morn
Joined Omega cycle group for the 2nd time in years. Morn was dark, slightly cold and a little rainy. Promised my friend I would see her there. So, we cycled out to the farms at Seaham, past Raymond Terrace. That was after we were on the highway for some time. Weather started pouring really heavily, then would lighten up and then heavy again. Ridiculous weather, which made it even more memorable. It was my first time attempting 70km in a year? but thought the gp would pull me along. at 40km, saw sunrise, double rainbows in the farm areas with cows. One cyclist was nice enough to wait for me as the gp dropped me. He pointed out that this scenery was a good birthday gift. I agree! too bad no pics. Anyway, on the way home at 50km, my legs could not go anymore. So I got a lift back with coach paulie who was driving his car, following us. really really thank God that he was there to drop me home. I was shivering then. whew what a morn!
Sat arvo: birthday picnic. supposed to be at Jesmond park, but rain forced us indoors. Thanks to Maz for opening up the church for us just opp the park
We played 3 Legged race. I teamed up with Brendon and came in last:(

Pizza for lunch- made at home
Sat night: went to Sabre's hse to recieve a pressie from him

Sun morn: LOOP THE LAKE~charity bike ride~ woke up early to reach speers point at 7.15am to cycle round the whole lake behind me. 88km. thankfully stopped twice at 2 pitstops with water and fruits. Missed the muffin stop cos I followed my friends who took a short cut. OMG massive and numerous hills throughout. u know, i cycled for a while. was tiring and looked at speedo. it read 6km!! I told my friend that i just met the day before at Omega cycle group that I took 4hrs and he was so dissapointed in me, he waited an hour for me to reach the finish line. He told me to keep up with the training. Somehow his words gave me some motivation.

Sun Night: went into church at 4pm for band practice. Played the keys with the band for church. After church, went out for dinner. We talked abt Newcastle boys and how they are diff, more macho, abt the muscles, less cultured. For example, if a guy here was sitting down reading a book with a scarf, he would be called gay/ some name. But thats normal in Melbourne. And the machoism is cos they are less confident abt themselves. Interesting convo!

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