Tuesday, March 16, 2010

last ward tea party

every tue, the ward staff meeting is held in conjunction with a little tea party. teams take turns baking cakes. This week, it was my team. I baked a pandan cake, hoping to spread the influence of the singaporean cake. Well, actually, dont know what cuisine it is.

anyway, my consultant came in. the pastoral care worker then joked with him that my supervisor's report would be based on how good my cake was! haha. then i offered him a piece and told him its pandan cake. he said,
" yes, i know its a Nonya cake."
me, "you know what is Nonya?"
my consultant, " yes, i know more than u may think."
then everyone in the room burst out laughing.

and that was my last ward 4c tea party:(

time to go swimming. though just stuffed my face with a whole bag of choc eggs.

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