Thursday, April 15, 2010


yesterday, went on a 2hour car trip for outreach clinic at Muswellboork. Its a coal mining town with a population of 16000. Its amazing how long each consultation was, one was as long as 1.5hours! well, saw lots of children, mainly with speech, language and behaviour problems. While the dr was talking to the parents, i sat in the corner and played with them. Not noticing that the Dr was also observing play with me. The registrar and the psychologist sitting in the room noticed things like eye contact with me, if the child noticed a new person coming into the room, the child's interaction with the mother, the child's attention span on a toy and even how they answered my questions. wow.

A mum came in with a 1year old girl and a 4year old newly diagnosed autistic boy. I was really happy when I could carry bub while the mum went outside, trying to convince her son to stand on the weighing scales. The psychologist called me "clucky" haha.

The night before was dinner and movie at my neighbour's house. we cooked ginger chicken with vege then watched A Cinderella Story starring Hilary Duff while eating ice-cream and choc. will miss carly(14yr) and sarah(12yr) and joel(6yr).

today, going to trek around the Watagan mountains and have a picnic with church friends. yays!

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