Friday, April 09, 2010

its time to go back to work

been having such an extended hol!

well, announcing I am on a kangaroo meat diet. Its cheap, high in protein, low in fat. Lets see how long I can last. Been having it for the past few days. Only mince though cos fillets ran out due to the flood on queensland where the woolys guy told me "flooding prevented farmers from shooting the kanagroos"

started on community paeds placement on wed. Lovin it cos get to play with the children! wed played jigsaw puzzle and mr and mrs potato head, thurs played cooking and putting the animal pieces in the right spot. Something like this:

funny incident

so the consultation room had limited seats, not enough for all the adults. so the reg had to sit on the child's seat. we then stood up for a while, the little girl came over and put the cow piece of the puzzle above(similar one) on the reg's child seat. After finishing talking while standing up, the reg looked at his seat and saw the cow, then said, " oh, a cow has taken my seat". then he went to get another chair to sit on.
:):)i wanted those puzzles for my recent birthdays
walking ned is coming to an end on sat:(

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