Sunday, May 30, 2010

my last day at uni (part 1)

So it was bound to come. People always start things, and with a start, there is an end. I only started feeling excited the nite before. According to our time table, fri was free. So effectively thurs was meant to be my last day.

Wed nite, i was pretty stoked. I couldnt fall aslp quickly, like I normally do. I had great plans to run and gym the next morn, which normally takes tons of motivation to even get out of bed in such freezing conditions. The next morn(thurs), I drove to the gym. But when i got there at 7am, things started sinking in. I felt scared of the future and of the unknown. It felt like i was about to dive into the deep end of a pool, not knowing how deep the water was. These feelings plus matching music playing in the car triggered an outpour of tears. I sat outside the gym, crying while texting my family of how I appreciated their support.

Gym was good as I did a short 30min run/walk after, heading towards dudley private hosp. stopped to admire the flock of pink galahs and some parakeets. I crept up as close as possible to observe them. Hosp was good, but then came the news. A tutorial has been re-scheduled to friday. darn! meaning thurs was not my last day of school.

Anyway, thurs night the 4 of us med students went into town. ate a banquet at the vegetarian restaurant, then khadijah and i went to the cinema to watch Letters to Juliet. The theatre of 100+ seats had 6 pple in total, incl us. we came out,and snuck back in to watch the 2nd half of J Lo's movie the backup plan. When the movie was done, went to find Ying and Chris at the union bank.thats where he started doing his awkward turtle hand sign! ahhhhhha. Went to orange hotel, had drinks then i bet on some racing dogs.....

to be cont

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