Monday, May 31, 2010

part 2

yes, after betting on a dog called "Lamington"( i love food so will bet on anything assoc with that), and won some $$, we headed home. I had a great time with my friends and learnt about betting at a pub.

Woke up on friday not as excited. Did the usual stuff like packing up, went for the tute. Afternoon was spent at a friend's sheep farm. This friend was someone I met once or twice from the swim squad at the gym. I say this because he doesnt know me that well, yet said yes to me when I asked if i could visit his sheep farm. Drove out to Molong, a 40min drive from orange and was welcomed by his wife who had been waiting for me. First greeting was by their pet pink galah at a cage outside and their sheepdogs. She apologised that she had to go into orange to pick up the children, and left me sitting in their house, on my own, waiting for my friend to come home. (He didnt have a mobile phone, so the wife didnt know where he was out on the property. He also did not know that I was coming)

I was so appreciative that this family was so trusting of me. A stranger, in their house left alone. I didnt mind no one was "entertaining" me. I entertained myself. Drove around the proprty, with 7500 sheep. climbed over some barbed wire fence(and got pricked in the mean time) to be with the sheep in the vast open land. As I apporached them for a photo, within 100m of coming close, I had 100 sheep faces looking at me. They watched me, and with the next step, all started running away together. This wasnt fun. So went back into the house, explored the children's bedroom. Was amused to see a poster on the wall saying "old macdoanld had a farm" and had pictures and names of different farm animals. In the office, pictures of prize-winning cows. Fat ones they were.

Soon, my friend came through the door. I explained my appearance and then he said, " I have to move some sheep now. Do you want to come?". YES! I thought he would take a UTE(utility vehicle/lorry), i would sit infront with him and sheep would be loaded up on the back. No, that wasn't how farmer move sheep. We went to the shed, he promptly showed me his motorbike and asked if I wanted to get on one by myself. I refused to be too adventurous and said I would just sit behind him. He started the engine and off we were, going slowly up and down the bumpy paddock. His dogs followed. I soon realised they werent just farm dogs that sat at home doing nothing. They were sheep dogs! with some basic commands, they ran out, held the sheep pack together while we were on a motorbike pushing the sheep from the back. Sometime then, I realised this sheep-rounding experience was one of the best memories I will take home from Orange and Australia. Not just sitting at the back of a bike rounding-up sheep. But also the warmth of my farmer swimming friend. Someone I barely knew, yet so giving and open. And of course, spending some time with SHEEP! On my drive home, I kept thinking to myself what would it be like if I became a farmer.

Got back to hospital, interviewed my last ever patient as a student, who happened to be Aboriginal. Something unique to this country, which I would remember as well.

I felt so blessed that the last day ended this day, to me I would say its like a fairy-tale ending:)

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