Sunday, June 27, 2010

random pics from the past month

june has gone by fast. Last month in Newcastle. had so many farewells and goodbyes and last of lots of things I started losing count. Memories are now kept in photo form in my good-old camera. here are some.Last run with my good med-running friend. Kiwi Andy. I used to be very formal and just call him Andrew, then called him Un-dy for some time. He humoured me by taking this posed shot with the camera resting on a tree trunk in the middle of Jesmond park.
This is Marcos's new pet dashund. his name believe it or not- Dash. just after a good long run with my running group(with Marcos) that morning down the fernleigh track(2hours plus walking through puddles), I met him again right after when I went to the broadmeadow farmers markets with his cute doggeey. I will miss his jokes during our run, bluffing me abt his many girlfriends/wives/children. haha.....
seen at the broadmeadow farmers markets. the things people spend on their dogs these days...
Was given this last year by Dr Geoff Cutfield(i think) he said only to open when u start work and u cant handle the stress. I was too curious and opened it....these were the contents! Chara has yet to open hers....she will be a good girl and open it when the time is right:)
Last bible study with my fav girls at Nicci's house. Yes, its winter and I am wearing shorts.
Running along my fav burwood beach
leading to burwood beach
my fav neighbours
my other fav neighbours. and sabre darling, the best dog in the world!
Last day of med school rounding up sheep on a farm in Molong, Orange.

Its a new beginning and will try to remember all the powerful prayers my newcastle friends have prayed for me during those hard times in a 36hour shift. I have so many things to give thanks for, it is indefinite.

Right now, what I want is that my sore shoulder recovers cos its been 3 weeks since the fall. swimming today was still not 100%

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