Friday, July 02, 2010

my superman

was clearing up my room and found some old receipts
batril 5% injection, batril oral liquid, marbocyl oral drops, repalyte, polyaid plus 50g, vitamin b12 injection at mt pleasant animal clinic dec 2002.
receipt said it was for CLARK.

that jolted my memory of my superman- clark kent. He was so strong till the day he died. My hero. He kept me going through those hard training sessions. Clark dearie, how could I have forgotten about you? You were a cute yellow budgie that became part of my life for a short period of time. WHY did u have to leave? i miss you so much, i wish i could tell u how much u mean to me. Clark and Clarissa had many many children, one of which is still around....Cornelious
and soon it will be xi wang's turn. xi wang currently cant fly and has been that way for the past few months.

Clark, Clarissa, Elvis, Presley, Pami and all my other birds that are no longer with me, i wish u are now free, free like wild birds in australia who have a happy life flying in a flock and playing with each other high up in the trees.

pics: xi wang

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