Saturday, May 14, 2011

1st post in many many months

I can't believe its been so long here. Looking through the old posts, my last few months in Australia just makes me sad again:( a part of my life that I enjoyed, was really blessed to have seen so many things there.

its been a long and tough year as a HO, the lowest lifeform. trying to work in this system and with the local pple. So used to more polite colleagues who speak English that I can understand. I've made some new friends here, but just wish I could forever be in contact with my friends overseas. They played such a big part of my life there.

So there, i've done Ortho, Gen med and now in Paeds. I used to really enjoy paeds as a student. reading my previous post of my elective in Paeds, travelling with the outreach team, makes me think of Paeds in a positive light again. the cases I come across here and how its managed has been diff from Aust.

I dont know where to start.....the past year has been eventful.
- Grandma passed away, I saw my last entry abt here where i wrote that i knew she was very weak. I still miss u grandma. I wished I spent more time with u when u were younger to share the joys of your medical career with u. Like I said at your eulogy, when I have a hard day at work, i think how u, grandma overcame the odds and pushed through. That u had a harder life than me and u still survived. therefore, i can too....
- more birds have died, garden getting more full with bird burials
- getting used to these long working hours with calls
- going back for graduation and seeing Newcastle once again

basically, trying to survive. At times when Dad keeps calling me while I am at work to ask what time i am coming home for a meal, i hate it. Cos it just makes me feel so miserable of my sad life working late and then I might start crying. Yes, not used to this feeling that pple are waiting for u at home.

living by myself for the past few yrs made me not too reliant on anybody. I have taken away the feelings of homesickness from my head, yet after moving back home....i get showered with lots of attention and i didnt like it.

ok, so many random things here. But now I am at a cross road. not sure what to choose for my MO postings. Will pray about it.

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