Tuesday, September 27, 2011

first post as an MO

since I last updated, many things have once again come and past.
June- had an enriching holiday with Mum in Taiwan, where I could run everyday. Only to lose my fitness when I came back to work again:( the classic story we keep telling people is of how Mum was looking for a sewing kit in the hotel bedside drawer, only to find a condom. she was appalled. hahaa.
July- finished my first year of work. some say life gets better, others say depending on which posting u are in, u can still be the lowest lifeform plus with more responsibility. I am so used to "calling my MO" when in doubt. (esp in Paeds)
August- had a good break and more time to get fit again. was happy to see the sun everyday, walk about in the shopping centres in mid-day and spend more time on my bed! for the initial few weeks of my break, most of my day was spent lying supine on my bed, watching Friends online. heheee. had quiet time to think about life, about God and reflect on the past few years. Didnt help that when I thought of uni life, it made me sad again that my time in Australia is up.
Sep- start of work as a MO. People say its a steep learning curve. I find myself having a good motivation to read the books I bought. I am supposed to be tested seen before I can start calls. However, I just found out next week I am starting calls in ICU(intensive care unit). So I suppose my test is soon and thats why I am at home, trying to study.....
glad that thoughout the past year, I've had beautiful friends to go through the journey with.
run at Keppel Bay, Singapore

run at Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

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