Sunday, March 01, 2009

my jam-packed weekend

Sat was Anna's and Cam's wedding. was at church early to practise on the piano with the band. Nite was the reception at Warners bay. What an experience! my first aussie wedding:) I was crying when I saw Anna walk down the aisle at church. Oh, i had the best view! the piano was rite centre on stage. so could see the couple for the whole ceremony. Was glad that i had this priveledge.
Sunday, drove to sydney. Manly beach. here it is. it turned out to be a sunny day, so lots of surfers there(hunky....) anyway, i wasnt there for the beach. went into the hotel by the beach for a sports medicine conference. Really really interesting. Diving and Altitude medicine was new to me.

POOPY!!! this pic is just for u! its our lunch at the novotel the salad spread here was gorgeous. was thinking of u throughout. hope this pic makes u happy:) my fav was tarboulei(dont know how to spell) u like it?

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