Thursday, March 05, 2009


did another emergency dept shift tonite. after staying till 9.30pm, i gave mummy a call after. and she made me cry over the phone. Yest at bible study, I asked for people to pray for patience with those i interact with. yet, i couldnt even do it to my own mother.

today, my other med friend also scolded me for calling past 9pm....and i was again feeling lousy after 2 scoldings in 24hrs. It could have prevented with patience. Just really screwed up my day. Didnt want to wake up this morn, felt terribly tired. didnt want to go to hosp. felt horrible even being awake.

this morn, went to the special school for placement. children with physical and intellectual disabilities. I really really admire the teachers. just spending 5mins in a classroom where the kids dont even respond to u(they have cerebral palsy), was so hard to bear. after helping 2 kids draw a space ship(it became my drawing cos they cant even hold a pencil and wasnt even looking at the paper) I felt that i couldnt take it anymore, and good thing it was time to leave.

there you go, i dont have patience.

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