Saturday, March 06, 2010

happy brithday anna

Good doctor and church friend Anna had her 30th birthday tonite! had a great time at the Clarendon hotel, on hunter street. Hehee...Connor was there and asked him to teach me to play pool....and his mum approved of us!

Anyway, took the oppurtunity to give out my birthday invites....been thinking hard for the perfect location. I wanted something scenic but also easy to manage, considering i will be inviting tons of people. Ended up choosing the park near my house. Gonna get my friends to help me organise a treasure hunt!

Congrats to all those who took A levels last yr.....
and i need to try harder to train. didnt cycle/run today:( nor did i swim. all i did was eat chips, baked a salmon for lunch and soup for dinner

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