Wednesday, March 03, 2010

living a new life

so, finished my 48hr task after working on it overnight and through the whole morn. topic was Digoxin in atrial fibrillation. Was so convinced that it had rhythm control properties(cause that was my ans in the exam).

then went for a 3km swim at Lambton pool. i hope to keep up training and write it here to keep tabs on myself. After swim, the pool slide was open. called my friend to join me but she didnt want:( so didnt slide.

came home, walked with my neighbour Joel round the circuit, then Julia, Sarah and Ned(the dog) joined us. they are such wonderful kids! hehe. we tried to play limbo with the dog's leash...hehe. then sarah and joel said good bye to me with a hug(awwwww....) as they were going out.

nite time watched dvd with housematey- Imagine that starring Eddie Murphy. made me cry thinking of how much parents love their children and how a busy working parent can miss so much from their child.

oh. Bible study last nite was at Nikki's hse. She baked cheesecake which was yummy, and showed us the photos from Egypt. Sounded like a dangerous country....but with so much history...the Aswan high dam! learnt that in geog!

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